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Nein, das ist kein Mortal Kombat-Porn, sondern ein WLAN-Gerät zum zensurfreien Verbreiten von Informationen:

vimeo.com Video From : vimeo.com

vtol hat geschrieben:
Multifunctional network device for autonomous activity in the city environment. Its main function is communication and propaganda through the Wi-FI wireless standard. This is the hacktivism diy response to attempts by the authorities in different countries to control the Internet. The project serves as an example of the possible opposition and decentralisation of networks to ensure communications and provide notifications irrespective of whether there is access to the global internet or certain restrictions are applied.

The device consists of three standalone Wi-Fi access points based on the esp8266 chip and Arduino Mega board, which is the core brain of the system. The device is also equipped with a keyboard for typing text and OLED screen for convenience of use. It can function based on a built-in battery (up to eight hours), or any power bank/telephone charge.


Operating principle:

- When typing the text on the keyboard, I can at any moment create/change network names, using the Latin alphabet or Cyrillic script. This makes it possible for the actual network names to serve as a way of transmitting specific information: personal messages, calls for action, mottos, notifications, or any other statement. As all state-of-the-art smartphones, tablets and computers are equipped with Wi-Fi modules, it is highly likely that such a message could be read at a radius of up to 100 metres, depending on the actual space. Each network name may have up to 32x symbols, and if all three networks are used – 96 symbols. In addition, in crowded places (for example, the metro), numerous users constantly look for networks, and as there are usually precious few external networks, it is highly likely that numerous people will see the message when they choose a connection while underground.

- If the user is connected to one of the networks (none of the networks have passwords), then the captive page (welcome page/registration page) jumps out at the user. This page may have any deliberately assigned content, and inter alia, lead to other pages located on the standalone servers of all three hotspots. This will make it possible to deliver vast volumes of information, constituting an autonomous Internet to all intents and purposes. The text of A Cyberpunk Manifesto by Christian Kirtchev (1997) is placed on the demo page used in the video documentation.


- If I create network names which repeat in full popular city networks, then the devices of a large number of people will be automatically connected to my device, as they recognize networks based on the name. Accordingly, the captive page leaps out to them by default, thereby forcing them to communicate information.

- In popular spaces similar to a café, I can create networks that are very similar to the original networks of these institutions. All I need to do is add only one space at the end of the name and the networks become externally completely undistinguishable from the original, but are recognized by devices as separate networks. This will make it possible to compromise these networks and attract people instead to my standalone networks, where they will be offered an opportunity to view specific information.

- On one of the versions of the captive page I created a form for sending a message, which makes it possible to obtain feedback from people connected to my networks. I see the messages in the log file of the server and can respond to them, with changing the network name. In another version I redirected all the incoming messages from the log file to a special page that the user accesses as soon as he or she sends a message, thereby making it possible to establish a fully-fledged autonomous and anonymous chat where only the IP addresses of the devices are visible as user names.


Consequently, the device hidden in the pocket represents my small wireless pocket Internet. The only possible way of closing access to the device is to physically smother the radio frequencies of the WiFi standard. Moreover, the device makes it possible to spread propaganda, notify people, access their device briefly and create a resource for communications.

The field tests of the device demonstrated the high level of activity of users looking for free Wi-Fi and also successful hunting for devices that remember network names that I simulate with an identical name. The special log file (which is not accessible to anyone other than the network administrator) retains all the Mac addresses of devices connected at some point to network devices.



Wenn ich schon der Affe bin, dann will ich der Affe sein, der dem Engel auf's Maul haut. XD
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