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Discordian power animals
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Autor: Cpt. Bucky Saia [ 24. Feb 2018, 13:12 ]
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Discordian power animals

Experimental Visualization

Discordian power animals are not really animals in the true sense of the word. They are visualizations for a specific purpose. Using a power animal means finding out the benefits this animal offers for you personally and then making it usable for yourself. The process of visualization is so simple and complicated at the same time that it is probably impossible to present it in concrete terms and everyone who wants to use power animals should experiment with his or her mind to find the best way to enjoy a power animal and its abilities.
The simplest power animal and also a good entry into the practice of power animal use is certainly the unicellular organism. Simple of design but extremely robust and flexible, it is easy to visualize and its presence, although it was useful, is always a source of inspiration if you consider its changeable form.
The visualization is done as follows:
You stand, sit or lie down somewhere. Of course, visualization also works in walking. Now imagine your favourite power animal as if it is behind you. So we don't see the power animal directly but only feel its presence behind us. One should refrain from visualizing a power animal in front of one as this practice could lead to unexpected results.
If you have now "visualized" your power animal behind you, imagine how the power animal behaves behind you. In the case of single-celled organisms (representing Leviathan), this may happen in the form of constantly changing forms and colours. With sufficient practice, more and more complex power animals are now possible which can fulfill more and more complex tasks.
An example is given here. Imagine walking down the street on a frosty winter morning. The wind whistles and it's anything but warm. The user of the power animal will briefly consult his personal list and find the power animal penguin. Apparently a power animal that keeps out the cold. He now visualizes the penguin so that he gets warmer. However, he didn't consider that the penguin is not exactly a warm power animal by nature. So he visualizes a burning penguin (or a phoenix or some warm power animal you can and want to visualize) and now focuses all his energy on the idea of his warming power animal is behind him.
If sufficient visualization is provided, a large part of the coldness disappears. Of course you can't prevent the death of frostbite in this way, but in the short term a power animal can help its users.
It is actually irrelevant whether this animal exists or not. The use for its user is in the foreground. So it is always amusing to visualize a Cheshire Cat on long journeys or let one or two batfish flying behind you for personal amusement and against boredom.

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